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Absolutely. We’ve been in operation for several years now. Feel free to check out our Inner Circle and custom signal platform to see for yourself.
Yes! Join our inner circle and ask about a trial!
Guaranteed active on weekdays, typically active on weekends. The portal is fully operational 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year. All analysis on the portal is accurate down to the latest minute of price action. The chat is live 100% of the time too, so even if analysts are off duty you can still chat with other traders.
Just a trading platform, and the knowledge of averaging into a position.
Yes we offer discounts for 3, 6, and 12 month payments. Contact staff for more information
Stocks, commodity futures, and cryptocurrencies
Our information can pay for the cost for your subscription, or your money back.
Yes, just take a few minutes to learn how to use your trading platform. Then simply follow our information
Yes. Most of our signals are given ahead of time. This means you’ll likely have time to place your limit orders before the price is at our entry range.
New clients get personal assistance whenever needed. We also offer a tutoring service for 1 on 1 coaching.
It depends on market volatility, but on average you can expect great entries one to two times per month, good entries every week, and worthy entries every day.

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Red is resistance. Orange is cautionary resistance. Green is support. Yellow is cautionary support.
Dollar cost averaging involves placing multiple orders of increasing size within an entry range. Google dollar cost averaging for more information
We will give you calls to enter trades as they become valid setups. You enter the ones you agree with, and then sit back and watch your money grow.
Absolutely not. We don’t even have favorites. All we care about is current risk reward ratios and that is subject to change throughout the days and weeks. No amount of money would be worth jeopardizing our reputation.
We don’t know when prices will be reached until they happen. All we can do is trade according to the best risk reward setups and let the market do its thing. By embracing uncertainty with a risk management priority, it allows near constant account growth.
NO! Just because something isnt a buy does NOT mean it is a sell

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Upgrade your subscription to the Pro or VIP tier to take advantage of special educational content and extra attention from our top analyst.
Yes! Contact our staff for more information

Portal Questions

The higher the RR score the better the signal. Also pay attention to the risk size because that will determine how much of a potential loss you could take.
All signals should be followed by averaging into the stoploss.
Dollar cost averaging. It’s a wise way of entering a position based on the concept that no matter where the price goes within a range, you will end up with the best average price. Google for more info on DCA
If the signal left the portal it’s because it is no longer worthy of acting on. If it becomes worthy again in the future it will reappear.
Yes, as the market fluctuates the support and resistance areas will change. Act according to the information you currently see.
It just means the zone has been tested and that the price may fall harder through the area in the future.
Hundreds, and more upon request.
A reward score is the risk:reward ratio comparing worst case scenario to best case scenario. The higher the reward score the better.
If the market in question is near all time high then it is possible there are no resistance zones for the portal to show you. If the market in question is near an all time low then it is possible there are no support zones for the portal to show you
No. Just because it’s no longer a buy does NOT mean it is now a sell. Only sell at your profit target or above, or at your stoploss.