Welcome to the optimization survey! In less than 20 questions, you’ll unlock new perspectives that will offer valuable insights into your trading.

How long have you been actively trading?

All traders have emotional influences; however, the extent varies. With that in mind, how do emotions play a role in your trading decisions?

How much value do you place on expert market analysis?

When a trade results differently than expected, what’s your primary course of action?

How do you typically react after a series of losing trades?

Which of the following best describes your initial reaction after an uncomfortable loss?

How do you manage trading risk?

How do you set loss limits?

Use of stop-loss orders?

How do you usually decide to enter or exit a market?

How do you adjust for market volatility?

How frequently do your trading strategies result in an outcome different from your expectations?

Do you feel there’s more for you to learn in trading?

Have you ever used any educational resources to learn about trading?

How often do you assess or revise your trading strategies?

How do you view your journey in trading?

How often do you engage with other traders or trading communities?

How do you evaluate the authenticity of a trading tip?

How much value do you place on expert market analysis?