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In October 2018 we called out to buy BTC below $4000.
46 days later BTC fell below $4000, then rallied 280% in 6 months

In August 2020 we called out to buy ETH below $330.
22 days later ETH fell below $330, then rallied 1300% in 8 months

In March 2020 we called out to buy XAU below $1500.
20 days later XAU fell below $1500, then rallied 40% in 4 months

In February 2020 we called out to buy ROKU below $70.
31 days later ROKU fell below $70, then rallied 670% in 12 months

In August 2020 we called out to buy BNB below $19.
15 days later BNB fell below $19, then rallied 3700% in 7 months

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