Trading Awareness Survey

How would you describe your current trading strategy?

a) I don’t have a trading strategy.
b) I’m exploring options to enhance my current strategy.
c) I have a decent strategy but looking for ways to improve its accuracy.
d) I already use trade signals, but I’m exploring more reliable sources.
e) I’m just looking for on-demand market analysis and education.

What best describes your knowledge about trade signals?

a) What are trade signals?
b) I’ve heard of them but don’t know how they work.
c) I understand their value but haven’t used them.
d) I use them but am not satisfied with the current accuracy.
e) I use them regularly and am looking for complementary resources.

Have you ever paid for market analysis before?

a) Never, what is market analysis?
b) I’ve considered it but never tried.
c) Yes, but I wasn’t satisfied with the insights.
d) Yes, and I regularly pay for these insights.
e) I’m more interested in learning how to analyze the market myself.

How familiar are you with the concept of trading?

a) I’m just starting to learn about it.
b) I’ve heard of it but haven’t tried it.
c) I’ve done a little trading, but still feel new.
d) I trade regularly but want to improve.
e) I’m experienced and trade frequently.

What is your primary reason for exploring trading?

a) Just curious about it.
b) Looking for a hobby or pastime.
c) Considering it for supplemental income.
d) Seeking a primary source of income.
e) Wanting to diversify my investment strategies.

How do you usually approach new ventures or hobbies?

a) I typically dive in without much research.
b) I ask friends or family for advice.
c) I read online resources and articles.
d) I prefer structured courses or books.
e) I seek out expert advice and mentorship.

How do you feel about the role of technology in decision-making?

a) I prefer to make decisions without technology.
b) I use technology occasionally but don’t rely on it.
c) I believe technology can be helpful when used correctly.
d) I often use technological aids in decision-making.
e) I heavily rely on technology and trust its insights.

How often do you seek out new learning opportunities?

a) Rarely, I stick to what I know.
b) Occasionally, when something piques my interest.
c) Regularly, I enjoy expanding my knowledge.
d) Very often, I actively look for courses or resources.
e) Continuously, I believe in lifelong learning.

Where do you typically get information or news from?

a) Mostly from friends and family.
b) Traditional media like TV and newspapers.
c) Online articles and websites.
d) Specialist forums or online groups.
e) A mix of many sources, including expert analyses.

Have you ever used or considered using tools or apps related to financial decision-making?

a) Never considered it.
b) Thought about it but haven’t tried yet.
c) I’ve used a few with mixed results.
d) I regularly use such tools and apps.
e) I’m always on the lookout for the best financial tools.

How comfortable are you with taking risks?

a) I avoid risks at all costs.
b) I’m cautious and take risks rarely.
c) I’m open to risks if I see potential rewards.
d) I believe taking calculated risks is necessary for growth.
e) I embrace risks and see them as opportunities.

How do you usually cope with unexpected financial challenges?

a) I panic and feel overwhelmed.
b) I consult with friends or family.
c) I take a step back and try to evaluate my options.
d) I rely on past experiences and lessons learned.
e) I seek expert advice or use tools to navigate them.

What are your thoughts on automation in trading or financial decisions?

a) I’m skeptical about automation in finance.
b) I haven’t given it much thought.
c) I believe it can be useful but requires human oversight.
d) Automation can be a game-changer when done right.
e) I fully support automation and see it as the future.

Would you be open to seeking expert advice or mentorship in trading?

a) Not really, I prefer to learn on my own.
b) Maybe, but I’m not sure where to start.
c) Yes, I think guidance would be beneficial.
d) I’ve sought mentorship before and found it helpful.
e) I continuously engage with experts to enhance my skills.