Trading Awareness Survey

How would you describe your feelings about trading?

a) It’s all new to me, but I’m curious!
b) I’ve heard of it, but not sure where to start.
c) I’ve dabbled a bit, still feeling my way around.
d) I’ve done some trading, looking to learn more.
e) I’m quite seasoned, always keen to up my game!

Have you ever thought about why trading could be interesting for you?

a) Not really, just exploring the idea.
b) I think it might be a fun thing to learn about.
c) Hoping it can be a way to make some extra bucks.
d) I see it as a potential skill to boost my finances.
e) I believe it’s a great avenue for growing wealth.

When it comes to financial matters, how do you usually learn best?

a) Just by giving things a try and seeing what happens.
b) By chatting with friends or family who know the ropes.
c) Through online reading or watching a few videos.
d) With structured lessons or courses, step by step.
e) By diving deep, maybe even with experts guiding me.

Have you ever tried trading before?

a) I’m just starting to learn, actually.
b) I’ve heard of it but haven’t dived in yet.
c) I’ve tried a bit, but I’m still new.
d) I do some trading, and I’m keen to get better.
e) Oh, I trade quite often and love it!

Why are you curious about trading?

a) Just wondering what it’s all about!
b) Thinking it might be a fun thing to learn.
c) Hoping to make a little extra money on the side.
d) I’d love for it to be a big part of my income.
e) Looking for new ways to grow my savings.

How do you like to start new things, like hobbies?

a) I just jump in and see what happens!
b) I chat with friends and see what they think.
c) I look things up online, reading a bit here and there.
d) I love following step-by-step guides or books.
e) I find someone who really knows their stuff and learn from them.

What’s your feeling about using tech to help make decisions?

a) I’m old-school, I like making choices on my own.
b) I use tech a little, but I’m not super into it for decisions.
c) I think tech can be a good helper if used right.
d) I often turn to tech to help me out!
e) Tech is my go-to buddy for most things.

Do you enjoy picking up new things to learn?

a) I mostly like to stick with what I know.
b) Sometimes, if something really catches my eye.
c) I’m always up for a little something new!
d) I’m always on the hunt for a new skill or hobby.
e) Every day is a school day for me!

Where do you usually hear the latest news or fun tidbits?

a) From chats with friends or family.
b) The good old TV or paper.
c) Browsing online sites and articles.
d) In online groups or special forums I’m a part of.
e) I mix it up! Everywhere from expert blogs to friendly chats.

Ever thought of using an app or tool for money stuff?

a) Never crossed my mind!
b) I’ve thought about it, but never jumped in.
c) I’ve tried a few, they’re interesting.
d) Yep, I often use them and they’re handy.
e) I’m always on the lookout for the next best money tool.

How do you feel about taking a little risk sometimes?

a) Not for me, I like playing it safe.
b) A tiny risk now and then is okay.
c) If it feels right, I might give it a try.
d) Sometimes you have to risk a bit to win big, right?
e) Life’s an adventure! I’m all in for some good risks.

If money surprises pop up, what’s your game plan?

a) Yikes! Those really throw me off.
b) I’d chat with pals or family for advice.
c) I’d take a deep breath and think of my options.
d) I lean on my past lessons to guide me.
e) I might look for expert tips or tools to help out.

What do you think about computers helping us make money decisions?

a) I’m a bit wary of machines making choices for me.
b) I’ve never really thought about it much.
c) I think they can help, but humans should have the last say.
d) If it’s set up right, machines can be super helpful!
e) I’m all in! Computers and tech are the future.

Would you be up for getting some friendly advice on trading?

a) I like figuring things out on my own, but thanks!
b) Maybe. I’m not sure where to begin, honestly.
c) Yes, a little guidance would be great.
d) I’ve had some advice before and it really helped.
e) Absolutely! I love learning from people who’ve been there and done that.